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Irrigation Injection Pumps

Irrigation injection pumps for use in irrigation, fertigation, and chemigation type administration applications. Injection pumps use a stoke length mechanism that delivers precision control in flow and injection rates. They use a piston style type pump, are positive displacement, self priming pumps with upgraded seals designed to tolerate run-dry conditions. Use injection pumps for variable metering, addition and/or mixing of chemicals to a solution, storage tank or application equipment. Injection pumps provide constant application rates regardless of temperature. Engineered for easy, set-point adjustment of operation specs. Compatible and commonly used with agriculture chemicals, drilling and fracking fluids. Also used with manufacturing materials, oils, lubricants, paints, dyes, food and beverage ingredients. Irrigation injection pumps are frequently used in crop field irrigation and sprinkler systems.

John Blue irrigation injection pumps come in two distinct models: E-Z Meter Injection Pumps and Full Range Injection Pumps. They are available in either simplex or duplex models with 1 Phase or 3 Phase pump drives. Internal working parts are sealed to eliminate maintenance and down times. Wetted pump components are engineered from 316 stainless steel for long-term work or heavy duty polypropylene for performance grade chemical corrosion resistance. Teflon™ material options are available on request for use with strong acids. John Blue® injection pumps feature high quality seals, replaceable piston cup heads and double ball type check valves.

E-Z meter injection pumps are light in weight with easy read settings ideal for multi location use. E-Z meter pumps come in 12 volt electric, 220 - 440 volt, belt driven or 4 HP Honda® gas engine powered models. 1 Phase E-Z Meter pumps come in 12 volt, belt driven or gas power drives. 3 Phase models are 220 - 440 volt electric. Flow rate maximums range from 0.5 GPM up to 1.6 GPM. Maximum pressure ranges up to 150 PSI.

Full range irrigation injection pumps provide John Blue’s® industry leading heavy duty construction and professional grade performance. This model provides a higher flow rate capacity with a lower max pressure. 1 Phase and 3 Phase designs are available. The full range pump model comes in 3/4 HP or 1 1/2 HP with gearbox and motor. Full range injection models provide up to 4.0 GPM to 7.8 GPM maximum flow rates with maximum pressure ranges up to 120 PSI.