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115 / 230 Volt Pumps

Dependable quality, easy-to-use SHURFlo® and Dura Products® brand 115 volt electric diaphragm sprayer pumps available for sale online from Sprayer Supplies. The 115 volt electric sprayer pump is a positive displacement type pump that is self-priming, run-dry capable and with a built in safety check valve. A 230 volt model and a bypass electric pump model is also available. The 115 volt power hookup allows plug in and pump use in common 115V outlets. Electric powered pumps allow for fast acting, versatile use. These diaphragm pumps provide increased resistance against chemicals and abrasive products due to the diaphragm design and separation from sensitive pump components. These pump types are suited for a wide range of applications. Common use applications include recreational vehicle RVs, gardens, food plots, small scale agriculture irrigation, fertigation, hydroponics, liquid transfers, winterization and oil changing. 115 volt electric pumps are compatible for use with water, disinfectant and sanitizing chemicals, de-ice and antifreeze solutions as well as common crop and garden chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides.

Available outlet sprayer pumps are built with long lasting, chemically resistant materials. They feature a fiberglass reinforced polypropylene pump house casing, a Santoprene® diaphragm and Viton® seals. Flow capacities for 115 volt electric diaphragm pumps range from 1.4 GPM up to 3 GPM. Pressure output ranges from 40 PSI up to 150 PSI depending on select pump model. Inlet and outlet connection sizes for these pumps include 3/8” x 3/8” NPT and 1/2” x 1/2” NPT.