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UTV Sprayers

UTV Sprayers are Utility Vehicle Sprayers also known as Skid Sprayers and PCO (Pest Control Operator) Sprayers. They are complete spraying systems attached to a premium steel frame that promotes their handling and loading within UTV beds and other vehicles. UTV spraying systems come with a fluid storage tank, plumbing components and lines, walkaway spray gun with extended reach hose, and rear attachment module designed for booms or boomless spray nozzle systems. UTV sprayers come fitted with a handgun type sprayer and are designed for attachment and use with boom sprayers or boomless spray nozzles. These sprayers are a top market choice for mobility and spraying off road, on road, across fields and hard to reach areas.

Our UTV sprayers are used within landscaping, groundskeeping, lawn and turf maintenance. They are frequently used for the care of orchards, crops and vineyards, agriculture, fields, road and walkway maintenance. Common spray fluids include irrigation water, deicing solutions, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and fertilizer chemicals. They are often chosen for use by business owners, commercial or corporate properties, farmers, schools and universities, city municipalities, public lands, parks, stadiums and private land owners.

UTV sprayers are available with 25 gallon tanks up to 200 gallon tanks, with 25, 40, 55, 60, 75, 100, 150, and 200 gallon capacities. Tanks are made from UV stabilized virgin high density polyethylene (HDPE). They are durable against chemical and environmental corrosion and will not rust. These tanks are rated to handle up to 1.5 specific gravity (12.5 lbs/gal) fluids. They feature large screw cap ports for filling and drain outlets for rinsing or changing fluids. UTV sprayer tanks have been designed for lasting integrity and service life.

UTV sprayers are compatible with dry boom sprayers from 5 feet with 4 nozzles up to 18 foot lengths with 11 nozzles. Booms are made from high quality steel with thick durable tubing. Wide booms fold for storage as well as protection against running into obstacles such as fence posts. A wet boom model can be requested that has 3 adjustable nozzles. Common boomless / no boom attachments include the Hypro BoomJet and X Tender nozzles. Walk away spray hose length ranges come in 15 feet, 50 feet and 100 feet with hose reels available on some models. Spray gun types vary on model. Spray distance varies on pump type and power, and ranges from 27 feet to 37 feet vertical and 35 feet to 45 feet horizontal.

The sprayers come with either 12V electric diaphragm pumps or high power gas engine pumps. Electric pumps provide up to 7 GPM flow rate and up to 70 PSI. Gas engine pumps are roller pump or centrifugal pump types that provide up to 22.5 GPM and 300 PSI. Handgun sprayers are available in various styles to suit application needs with up to 50 feet of flexible hose. Additional options include a manual winding hose reel, fresh water rinse tank, pivoting valve arm for in-cab reach, or an in-cab control center for the top in spraying control. We also provide Enduraplas® Ice Master™ UTV sprayers that specialize in ice control, deicing applications.