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Pickup Truck Bed Sprayers

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Pickup truck sprayers are commercial grade, high pressure, fully engineered spraying systems designed for large volume transport and far reaching spray applications. Available capacities range from 100 gallons up to 400 gallons. Pickup truck sprayers feature equipment and a low profile design optimizing the sprayer for use and transport in truck beds. Also known as skid sprayers, pickup truck sprayers have time-saving forklift channels and a space-saving, sure fit design for quick, secure placement within the truck bed wheel wells of most pickup trucks. They are suitable for both enclosed body and open top bed trucks. Truck bed sprayers feature versatile, intuitive engineering. Their overall build, design and components are intended to promote performance reliability, enduring strength and deliver a work powerhouse capable of getting jobs done with quality, ease and professionalism. All pickup sprayer types come with a high power, high pressure spray gun fully adjustable from mist spraying to jet stream spraying.

Pickup truck sprayers are ideal for the work professional, contractor, business owner, farmers, livestock owners, poultry houses. Common applications include control of weeds, pests, fire, ice, crop and plant maintenance, growth maintenance. They are approved for use with most modern and branded fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides and herbicides including those with glyphosate such as Round-Up®. Truck mounted sprayers are often used for spraying trees, shrubs, flowers, decorative plants, lawns, business fronts and landscapes, orchards and vineyards. Invest in your spray system and application with a Sprayer Supplies’ pickup truck bed sprayer that is sure to exceed expectations and performance.

Component features for available pickup truck sprayer models include: solid wall tank construction, anchor point tie down slots, auto tank drain sump base, time-saver forklift points, poly-flex crack-proof easy-wind hose and reel fitted with a Turbo Jet adjustable spray gun. Model options vary by available tank size, pump and hose reel types. Truck sprayer tanks come in 100, 200, 250, 300 and the largest 400 gallon sizes. Hoses are available in 100’, 300’ or 2 x 300’ lengths. Stream spray distance ranges from 35’ to 55’ horizontal and 27’ to 50’ vertical. Sprayer pumps are diaphragm pumps available in either 12V electric or gas engine powered. Diaphragm pumps are ideal for handling harsh spray chemicals as they eliminate contact between the spray solution and sensitive pump components. Gas motor drive pumps are easy start, high strength Honda® brand GX200 or GX390 series engines for top-of-the-line performance and reliability. Additional features vary on select model.

Pickup truck bed sprayers come in three full model types. We offer Enduraplas® Clean Boss™, Ice Master™ and Pro Master™ pickup truck bed sprayers. The Clean Boss™ is a truck mounted emulsion sprayer. It features an atomization-swirl spray wand that delivers mist, fan or stream sprays in a swirl pattern to fully cover targets. The Clean Boss™ specializes in spraying disinfectant and other cleaners making it ideal for spray cleaning or sanitizing large, multiple and/or hard-to-clean surfaces. The Clean Boss™ comes in EcoLite with a 12V electric pump for up to 7 GPM and 60 PSI, or the Pro fitted with a Honda® GX200 gas engine pump with up to 9.6 GPM and 580 PSI. Ice Master™ systems are truck deicer sprayers designed for anti-icing boom spraying and optimum handling of salt brine, calcium chloride and other common de-icing, road safety spray solutions. Ice Master™ sprayers are engineered to pump, handle and clean out these application specific chemicals. They are made from top corrosion resistant materials, built with a stainless steel frame, high density polyethylene tank and boom, among other unique features that specialize the sprayer for ice control use. They come with 12V electric motor pumps with up to 7 GPM and 60 PSI.

Pro Master™ truck mounted sprayers are standard, versatile, high pressure, transport spraying systems loaded with features intended for a wide range of use applications. Sprayer Supplies offers the Pro Master™ 580, 580E, 580E2 and 725 models. Numbers represent max pressure rating and E-models have either one or two electric powered hose reels. Pickup truck sprayer models with electric hose reels, 300’ and 2 x 300’ of hose are available. Electric hose reels remove the work with rewinding, eliminate tangled rewinds and save time. They come with the unique swivel mount turn table feature. Electric reels with swivel mount can rotate a full 360° for using the hose and spray gun exactly where it’s needed. Pro Master™ E2 models come with two (2) electric rewinding reels and therefore two spray hoses and two spray guns for twice the spray coverage and work finishing capability.

Although called pickup truck sprayers, many models can be used with UTV vehicles. When choosing to use with UTVs, make sure its size fits with your select UTV prior to application.