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Piston Pumps

Piston pumps for spray applications, irrigation, injection, variable metering work scenarios involving water, chemicals and mixtures. Piston pumps are positive displacement pumps that use a sealed chamber and cylinder strokes in repetition to generate pressure and fluid flow. They allow constant applications rates regardless of temperature, and are designed for easy, set-point adjustment of operation specs. The piston pump type has a wide range of use within residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial setting applications involving viscous and non viscous fluids. They are compatible and commonly used with agriculture chemicals, drilling and fracking fluids, manufacturing materials, oils, lubricants and paints as well as food and beverage industry ingredients. Piston pumps are also used for industrial cleaning, water jet machining, hydraulic and coolant supply systems. Piston pumps can provide a pulsating flow rate, sometimes undesired, but makes them good choices for crop field size sprinkler systems.

We provide John Blue single rate ground drive piston pumps, double rate ground drive and hydraulic drive piston pump models. Double rate pistons allow for pumping two products at different rates with a single pump. Available piston pumps are engineered for installation in pulley, belt, direct drive flexible shaft or hollow shaft systems. Standard model piston pumps are built using heavy duty cast iron metal fitted with chemically durable, synthetic o-rings and rod packings made from Buna-N and Viton. Available piston pumps for sale offer max flow rate capacities from 10 GPM to 68 GPM. Maximum pressure output ratings range up to 120 PSI. Inlet and outlet plumbing size hookups for available piston pumps range from 1” up to 2” NPT.