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Transfer Pumps

Transfer pumps are self priming, heavy duty utility pumps used in the transfer and removal of various materials. Transfer pumps are used for high flow, high throughput work case scenarios. They are ideal for when large fluid volumes need to be delivered or distributed from endpoints in a plumbing system. Transfer pumps provide large flow capacity rates that are often significantly greater than other pump types, delivering up to 400+ GPM on some models. The increased power output of the transfer pump provides an increased vertical lift ability to allow delivering fluids above the pump’s ground position. Transfer pumps are commonly used in filling or draining water (i.e. de-watering) of tanks, containers, pools, hot tubs, water heaters, water beds, washing machines and radiant heating systems. They are used in construction sites, emptying flooded basements or trenches and handling wastewater, oils and lubricants. In agriculture applications, transfer pumps are ideal for filling nurse tanks, watering seedbeds, remote irrigation with fertilizers and other spray chemicals compatible with the pump materials. Transfer pumps are not intended to handle solids or sludges but can handle solids suspended in solution.

Transfer pump power types include gas, pedestal, electric and hydraulic. Available transfer pump types include framed, carrying handle and standalone models. Gas powered transfer pumps come with either a Honda®, Briggs & Stratton®, or PowerPro® motor. Horsepower ranges from 4 HP up to 13 HP. Maximum flow rate capacity for gas engine models ranges from 150 GPM up to 440 GPM. Max pressure ranges from 40 PSI up to 60 PSI. Pedestal mount transfer pumps feature mounting feet for secure installation and set up for hookup with a compatible power supply. Pedestal transfer pump flow rates range from 170 GPM to 460 GPM with pressure range from 40 PSI to 60 PSI. Electric transfer pumps feature high strength motors that come in 5 HP, 10 HP and 15 HP models. They are capable of flow rates up to 197 GPM to 365 GPM and pressures up to 40 PSI to 60 PSI. Hydraulic powered transfer pumps are designed ready for hydraulic drive systems and provide 197 GPM to 484 GPM flow rate and 40 PSI to 60 PSI pressures.

Transfer pump models are available manufactured by Hypro®, John Blue® and SHURflo®. Pump casting material comes in cast iron, polypropylene or aluminum. Different material options are ideal for different transfer solutions and chemicals. Polypropylene plastic transfer pumps often make an ideal choice for handling corrosive, chemical fluids. Transfer pump inlet and outlet sizes come in 2” x 2” NPT, 3” x 3” NPT and 300 x 300 flange type connection ports. Buna-N, Viton and EPDM gasket seals are available to suit needed application compatibility and vary based on the transfer pump model. Some models feature built in oil alerts to indicate low oil levels and to prevent engine seize scenarios.

Available transfer pump products do not include suction tubing or discharge hoses. These are sold separately, add-on components necessary for transfer pump operation. Non-collapsible suction tubing is recommended to avoid tubing collapse due to the powerful draw of transfer pumps. Transfer pumps are not recommended for use with flammable, combustible type solutions such as gas, kerosene or fuel oil.