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Water Pumps

Water pumps are specifically engineered for the handling, delivery and transfer of water. Water pumps are commonly used in farm and rural irrigation, livestock watering, worksites, bulk filling and dewatering applications such as storage tanks, pools, lakes, ponds, flooded areas, basements, trenches and ditches. Water pumps are made for moving large volumes of water quickly and easily. They are specialized for performance, power, high flow rate capacity and superior vertical lift. Some models are designed for lower flow capacity but provide high precision or strong pressures.

We offer water pumps in many brands, models and specifications. Available water pump brands include top manufacturers ACE Pumps®, Banjo®, John Blue®, Hypro® and SHURflo®. Water pump models include gas engine, centrifugal, gear driven, hydraulic, roller, piston, PTO driven and electric water pumps in 12V, 115V and 230V. Pump casting material options include cast iron, E-coated cast iron, Ni-resist, Silvercast, stainless steel and polypropylene. Gasket material options include EPDM, silicon carbide and Viton®.

Gas engine water pumps offer the greatest volume flow rates of available water pump models. They come in either centrifugal or diaphragm pump designs fitted with powerful, commercial grade engines from Honda® or Briggs & Stratton®. Centrifugal gas engine water pumps are built with high RPM, cast iron impellers and volutes for high throughput work applications. Centrifugal type water pumps are not self priming and must be primed prior to use. Gas engine water pumps offer portable convenience for use wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Electric powered water pumps provide quick actuation, reliable service and are easy to use. Their small profile makes them ideal for transport and in use for RVs and residential home applications. Piston water pumps are ideal for precision control of flow rates and when needing to mix or add chemicals to the water being pumped. PTO driven water pumps are designed for hookup and use with tractors.

Water pump flow rate maximums range from 1.8 GPM up to 900 GPM (108 GPH up to 54,000 GPH). Maximum pressure output ranges from 38 PSI up to 170 PSI. Inlet and outlet port sizes are National Pipe Thread (NPT) standard to promote easy hose attachments. Available water pump sizes range from 3/4" up to 4“ NPT.