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Weed Wiper Replacement Parts

Super Sponge Part Breakdown


Reference Number Part Number Description
1CL0016#16 SS Worm Drive Clamp
2HB11171/8" Manifold Vent Barb
4HE12121/2" MPT x 1/2" Barb
5HT12121/2" x 1/2" x 1/2" Tee Barb
6HT14121/4" MPT x 1/2" x 1/2" Tee Barb
7WW1114Black 1/4" Elbow Barb
11WW1210Black 1/4" x 1/4" x 1/4" Tee Barb
12WW2383Drip Tube Plug
13VL01201/2" Clear Vinyl Tubing
14VL01801/8" Clear Vinyl Tubing
15VL03803/8" Clear Vinyl Tubing
16WW12151/4" Solid Black Poly Tubing
17WW23801/8" Drip Tubing
18WW1200Drip Valve w/ Sight Glass
19FM2010PVC Drip Valve only
20WW1209Sight Glass w/ Black Tee
21******Manifld (1/8 Valves)
22LM110A5" Spin on Lid for 12 Gallon Tank
24WW110C12 Gallon Tank Only
25WW1120PVC Shut Off Valve
30BWW1152Vertical Screen/Shut off Assembly
31WW1260Remote Shut off Assembly
32WW2223Tire only
33WW2224Tube only - 26" x 2.125
34WW2225Wheel only (3/4" Bearing)
35WW2227Wheel/Tire/Tube (3/4" Bearing)
36WW22293/4" Bearing for Wheel
37WW23005 ft. Spong Sect. (gravity)
38WW230130" Sponge with net
39WW2302Net only - 30"
40WW23205 ft. T Frame w/ plubming (grav)
41WW23265 ft. T Frame only
42WW2336Riser EL (3/4" for gravity)
43WW2346Riser Tee (3/4" for gravity)
44WW2361Straight Riser
45WW2384Chemical Resistant Tape



Top Crop Part Breakdown


Reference Number Part Number Description
46PV3429PVC/Plumbing (pump fed)
47HE0014PTC Union Elbow 1/4"
48WW2346-TCRiser Tee for (pump fed)
49WW23336-TCRiser EL for (pump fed)
50WWTC02Boom Plate (req. U Bolt)
51CL0024#24 SS Worm Drive Clamp
52WWTCM10-C4 Port Manifold
53WWTCM**-C5-8 Port Manifold
54WWTCM088 Port Manifold Body Only
55LM0011Check Valve (Anti-Siphon)
56HB50251/2" MPT x 1/4" FPT Reducer
57HB25181/4" MPT x 1/8" FPT Reducer
58HE51441/4" MPT x 1/4" PTC Fitting
59HB34183/4" MPT x 1/8" FPT Reducer
60HB11141/4" MPT Plug
61HB11121/2" MPT Plug
62WWTC3030" Sponge sect. Complete
63WW1215-W1/4" White Poly Tubing