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Air Blast Sprayer Nozzles

Air blast sprayer nozzles for air blast sprayers and direct spray jobs using air delivery for plant performance and maintenance chemicals. Air blast or air delivery spray nozzles are used to deliver nutrients, pesticides, fungicides and more to crops and canopies. The air blast nozzle type is often used and ideal for orchard and vineyard applications. Available air blast nozzles are TeeJet's® ConeJet air induction hollow cone spray tip nozzles. Air blast spray nozzles are designed with a built-in venturi air aspirator that mixes air with spray droplets. This design distributes larger droplets through air volumes that effectively increases crop and canopy penetration and reduces spray drift.

Air blast sprayer nozzles are constructed from polypropylene, ceramic and Viton. The combination of these materials provide TeeJet's® air blast nozzles with superior service life and chemical compatibility. Tip flow rate options for the air blast nozzle range from 0.1 GPM up to 0.4 GPM. Nozzles come in VisiFlo color options to make nozzle selection, change and applications fast and easy. They feature a removable pre-orifice construction to make nozzle cleaning simple and efficient.