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ATV Sprayers

  • 20 Gallon ATV Contour Sprayer

    FS Manufacturing

    20 Gallon ATV Contour Sprayer

    Part #: ATV20

    Adaptable to Boom/Boomless Systems TeeJet & Banjo Plumbing Parts 5.3GPM Remco 12V Pump Inline TeeJet Strainer to Protect Pump Spray Wand and 20’ Hose Liquid-Filled Gauge and Pressure Regulator Drain Valve 20 Gallon Tank w/ Sump

  • 40 Gallon ATV Trailer Sprayer
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    40 Gallon ATV Trailer Sprayer

    Part #: FTO-51-040D-MM
    $1,214.99   $809.99

    ■ Features premium, heavy-duty broadcast spray boom with 10 ft spray swath ■ Includes a deluxe adjustable spray gun with 15 feet of hose ■ Pressure regulating system for full control of pressure and boom flow ■ UV resistant tank ■ 2 year...

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ATV sprayers for sale online from Sprayer Supplies with our lowest price guarantee. They are lightweight, small capacity spray systems designed to fit on all-terrain vehicles. Available chemical ATV sprayers are made in the USA by Enduraplas® and include the 25 gallon ATV Gold Series sprayer. They are manufactured with premium materials, precision engineering, and are easy to use and handle. ATV sprayers come as fully equipped, assembled, ready-to-go systems with a poly spray tank, 12V electric pump, EPDM rubber plumbing, handgun and 15’ spray hose. Sprayer Supplies’ ATV sprayers are compatible with most common and popular all-terrain vehicle models and brands. They are ideal for covering more ground and getting spray jobs done faster. Use ATV sprayers to deliver spray solutions over hard-to-reach areas and rough, hilly terrain: spray wherever you can take your 4-wheeler. They are approved for use with modern spray chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and weed killers including glyphosate containing solutions such as Round-Up®. ATV sprayers are made for land owners, farms, orchards, vineyards, business professionals, institutions, facilities, property grounds and public lands. Common uses include lawns, crops, field and tree line maintenance, fences and property lines, structures, perimeters, roadways, parking lots, trails, parks, sports fields, horticulture and landscaping.

ATV sprayer tanks are extra thick, heavy duty, UV stabilized containers molded from agriculture grade HDPE (high density polyethylene). They are capable of holding up against the toughest terrains and most straining of jobs for repeat season spraying. Our 25 gallon ATV electric sprayer offers one of the largest spraying capacities among ATV type spraying systems. Tanks come with an easy-fill 6 inch vented lid with strainer basket to filter out unwanted materials during filling. Hoses and plumbing are EPDM rubber for lasting durability and chemical compatibility. The Enduraplas® ATV sprayer features a unique tank shape that channels liquid to the wrap-around legs for complete spraying and draining at the drain outlet.

Available ATV sprayers feature a high quality Everflo™ brand 12 volt electric diaphragm pump. An electric ATV sprayer means near instant pump power and pressure with fast priming and on-demand spraying that is reliable and consistent. The featured diaphragm pump eliminates contact between spray chemicals and sensitive pump components. This makes our ATV sprayers compatible with potentially aggressive and/or corrosive chemical spray solutions including Round-Up® and extends service life. The sprayer easily attaches to the ATV 12V battery with the wire harness kit and sure-grip red and black alligator clips. The Everflo™ ATV sprayer pump provides up to 2.0 GPM flow rates and up to 60 PSI of spraying pressure to deliver up to 35 feet horizontal and 27 feet vertical spraying distance. Our ATV sprayer options come with 15 feet (5 meters) of spray hose for spray jobs that require walking away from your ATV. Spray guns come with stream adjustable brass nozzles. The Enduraplas® Gold Series ATV sprayer can be set up to work with a small boom sprayer or boomless nozzle system with some additional plumbing.