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Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic powered pumps for use in hydraulic drive and compatible power supply applications. The hydraulic pump uses a hydraulic motor to convert mechanical energy into pump output capacity that generates fluid flow. This is often in the form of a hydraulic oil hose and pump pressure system that is used to drive operation of the hydraulic pump. Hydraulic pumps come in centrifugal, transfer, roller and piston type pump models. They are engineered for customizable mounting and feature an individual motor and pump shaft that improves the ease of maintenance work. Pump types are designed for compatibility with a wide range of chemicals and applications. Hydraulic pumps are frequently used in commercial agriculture applications due to their improved power and performance. Hydraulic pumps are commonly used with tractors, sprayers and fluid transfer.

Available pumps are manufactured by ACE Pumps, Banjo, John Blue and Hypro brands. Banjo hydraulic pumps feature Gresen brand motors. Pump construction materials include cast iron, E-coated cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel, polypropylene, Ni-Resist and Silvercast. Pump seals are either Viton, EPDM or silicon carbide. Compatible max hydraulic flow rate for available hydraulic pumps range from 3 up to 24. The max flow capacity of hydraulic pumps ranges from 20 GPM up to 900 GPM. Maximum pressure output ranges from 58 PSI up to 300 PSI. Hydraulic pump inlet connections range from 1" up to 3" NPT, 220 up to 330 flange, and 5" ANSI flange sizes. Outlet connections range from 3/4" up to 3" NTP, 200 up to 300 flange, and 4" ANSI flange sizes. Operating parameters and specifications vary by pump model.