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PTO Belt Driven Cast Iron Pump with 1 1/2" Suction x 1 1/4" Discharge-1703054867

Ace Pumps

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1” (25.4mm) stub shaft for installation on trailer sprayers driven by PTO tumblerod

Part Breakdown

PTOC-150 Part Breakdown


Reference Number Part Number EDP Number Description Required
1BAC-10-S40190Shaft, 1” Tumblerod stub1
2BAC-10-175-20SP40180Shaft, 1-3/4” 20 Tooth PTO spline, includes BAC-11-1751
3BAC-10-21SP40220Shaft, 1-3/8” 21 Tooth PTO spline, includes BAC-111
44096040960Nut, jam, 3/8” NC3
5BAC-4040940Set screw, slotted, 3/8” NC3
6BAC-11-17540236Locking collar, split ring (for BAC-10-175-20SP shaft)1
7BAC-1140235Locking collar, split ring (for BAC-10-21SP shaft)1
8BAC-11-140237Set screw (for BAC-11 and BAC-11-175 locking collar)1
9BAC-10-6SP-QC40210Shaft, 1-3/8” 6 Tooth PTO spline, for quick coupler1
10BAC-83-QC41470Ball for quick coupler3
11BAC-82-QC41460Spring for quick coupler1
12BAC-81-QC41450Sleeve, ball retainer, for quick coupler1
134125041250Cap screw, hex head, 5/16” NC x 3-1/4”1
144130041300Set screw, allen head, 3/8” NC x 5/8”2
15BAC-30-10-M-15040751Pulley, 7.9” P.D. x 2” Bore, Poly-V, (for PTOC-150-1000-21SP)1
15BAC-30-175-15040746Pulley, 7.9”P.D x 2-3/8” Bore, Poly-V, (for PTOC-150-1000-20SP)1
16BAC-6341260Nut, self locking, 5/16” NC, for tumblerod drive1
17BAC-3440830Snap ring, internal, BAC-15 bearing housing2
18BAC-2740250Name plate1
19BAC-3540840Snap ring, external, BAC-10 drive shaft1
20BAC-31-140781Bearing, sealed, BAC-10 drive shaft2
21BAC-38-140905Spacer, BAC-10 shaft1
22BAC-4440990Washer, locking, 3/8”2
23BAC-4541010Nut, hex, 3/8” NC2
24BAC-1540340Housing, PTO drive shaft bearing1
24BAC-15-B40370Housing, tumblerod drive shaft bearing housing with mounting base1
25BAC-10-6SP40200Shaft, 1-3/8” 6 Tooth PTO spline1
26BAC-5141090Key, 3/8” x 1/2” x 1-1/2”, PTO drive shaft1
274096040960Nut, jam, 3/8” NC3
28BAC-4040940Set screw, slotted, 3/8” NC3
29BAC-30-10-15040741Pulley, 11.6” P.D. x 2” Bore, Poly-V, 10 groove (for 600 RPM models)1
304130041300Set screw, allen head, 3/8” NC x 5/8”2
31 (1)BAC-28-10-15040611Belt, Poly-V, 10 groove (for PTOC-150-600)1
31 (2)BAC-28-10M-15040621Belt, Poly-V, 10 groove (for PTOC-150-1000)1
32BAC-5341110Pipe plug, 1/8” NPT3
324112041120Pipe plug, 1/8” NPT, stainless steel (optional)3
33BAC-12-15040255Volute, 1-1/2” x 1-1/4”, cast iron1
34BAC-23-A40391Nut, lock, 3/8” NF hex, cad plated1
34BAC-23-B-SS40393Nut, 3/8” NF, stainless steel (standard on -SS models)1
35 (1)(2)(3)(4)BAC-24-HYD-SS40400Washer, 3/8”, stainless steel1
35BAC-24-B-SS42702Washer, 3/8”, stainless steel, vibration proof (standard on -SS models)1
36BAC-26-150-P40446Impeller, thermoplastic, with keyway1
36BAC-26-150-CI40445Impeller, cast iron, with keyway(optional)1
36BAC-26-150-PI40448Impeller, polypropylene, with keyway(optional)1
37 (1)(2)(3)(4)BAC-4-15040015O-ring volute seal1
38 (1)(2)(3)BAC-7V40151Seal, Viton mechanical seal (includes 40160 “O” Ring)1
38 (4)BAC-7SC40152Seal, silicon carbide mechanical seal (includes 40160) (optional)1
38A (1)(2)(3)(4)4016040160O-ring for mechanical seal1
39BAC-4240970Cap screw, hex head, 3/8” NC x 2”2
40BAC-4340980Washer, flat, 3/8”2
41BAC-14-150-MIA40308Mounting frame, machined for idler arm1
42BAC-15-PIN40799Alignment pin2
434093040930Cap screw, hex head, 3/8” NC x 3/4”, stainless steel (optional)4
434095040950Cap screw, hex head, 3/8” NC x 3/4”4
45BAC-3340810Snap ring, internal, for mounting frame2
46BAC-3740870Bearing, sealed, for pump shaft2
47BAC-3240790Snap ring, external, for driven pump shaft2
48BAC-32-S40795Spacer for pump shaft1
49BACH-2540420Key, for impeller, 1/8” x 1/8” x 1/2”1
50BAC-6-150/200-SS40056Shaft, 5/8”, with keyway, stainless steel1
51BAC-5041080Key, 3/16” x 3/16” x 1-1/4”1
52BAC-29-10-1.3540675Pulley, 1.35” P.D. x 5/8” Bore, Poly-V, 10 groove(PTOC-150-600)1
52BAC-29-10-1.740681Pulley, 1.7” P.D. x 5/8” Bore, Poly-V, 10 groove(PTOC-150-1000)1
53BAC-5741180Set screw, allen head, 5/16” NC x 5/16”, for BAC-29-10 pulley2
54BAC-5-15040035Spring, idler mounted torsion, for 150 series1
55BAC-1340270Idler arm1
56BAC-3640850Snap ring, external, BAC-13 idler arm1
57BAC-4641020Spacer, 5/8”1
584107041070Retainer ring1
59BAC-5541140Idler bearing and outer roller assembly1
60BAC-4741040Cap screw, hex head, 5/8” NC x 2-1/8”, idler1
#BAC-5241100Chain, 1/4” cold shut, torque chain anchor1
#BAC-5841190Zerk fitting, 1/4” NPT, for idler arm1
#BAC-55-A41150Idler arm assembly (includes 55 through 60 and BAC-58)-
#BGKB52610Belt and shaft guard kit for all PTOC pumps-
(1)RK-PTOC-150-60051155Repair kit for 600 RPM models, includes belt, seal, and O-ring-
(2)RK-PTOC-150-100051255Repair kit for 1000 RPM, includes belt, seal, and O-ring-
(3)RK-FMC-15052710Repair kit for pump only, includes seal, and O-ring-
(4)RK-FMCSC-15052711Repair kit for pump only, includes silicon carbide seal, and O-ring-
#FMC-150-MIA47008Pump end only, machined to accept idler arm-
Part #:
Ace Pumps
Cast Iron
Ace Pumps EDP #:
1 1/2" NPT
Maximum Flow Rate (GPM):
Maximum Pressure (PSI):
1 1/4" NPT
Power Type:
PTO Belt Driven
Cast Iron
Ace Pumps EDP #:
1 1/2" NPT
Maximum Flow Rate (GPM):
Maximum Pressure (PSI):
1 1/4" NPT
Power Type:
PTO Belt Driven