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Air Injection Sprayer Nozzles

Air injection sprayer nozzles, also known as air induction (AI) nozzles, are nozzles that mix air with spray application solutions for improved drift resistance. They come in a wide range of operating pressures. Air injection nozzles make excellent choices for droplet coverage, deposition structure, drift control and crop penetration. The mixing of air and spray solution is designed to create larger, more coarse droplets filled with air to improve drift and coverage. Air injection nozzles are designed for reducing spray drift. The combination of proper calibration and operation pressures can make air injection nozzles highly successful in spray coverage and reducing drift. When properly used, air injection spray nozzles can lower drift by as much as 90%. Many AI nozzles are also made to lower the pressure requirements for spraying equipment that can increase service life and efficiency.

Air induction nozzles are engineered with a pre-orifice that meters flow input and an exit orifice to form the spray pattern. Air and solution is mixed in the space between these orifices. Some models use a venturi for mixing performance. Air injection nozzles are often used in broadcast, banded, directed and fan spraying patterns and applications. Air injection / air induction spray nozzles and tips are ideal for use with systemic herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, contact fungicides and contact insecticides as well as pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicides.

Air injection nozzles come in low pressure, acid resistant, off center, extended range, turbodrop and asymmetric dual tip designs. AI nozzles come in variable rate, different pressure and venturi models. Spray nozzles are color coded by GPM flow rate to make switching nozzles and work setup easy.

We have nozzle selection and usage charts for many of our nozzle products to aid choosing the right nozzle for the application with an overview of nozzle capacity and estimated gallons per acre. These guides can be found alongside accompanying products.