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Roller Pumps

Professional grade roller pumps available for sale online from Sprayer Supplies. Roller pumps are positive displacement pumps commonly used in sprayers and fluid transfer applications. Roller pumps are self-priming and work by using a rotating, internal rotor fitted with rollers to produce suction and pull fluid through system plumbing. The roller pumps’ internal roller design limits the amount that spray fluids mix with potentially sensitive pump parts. This is often a benefit of choosing a roller pump as it helps reduce chemical compatibility concerns with components. Pump and housing materials are still susceptible to chemical and environmental damage and pump material choice should be chosen for best compatibility. Roller pumps are frequently used for applications, spray solutions and liquid transfer in weed control, insect and pest maintenance, crop and field performance, water transfer and irrigation. Use roller pumps in sprayers and transfer systems. Use them to deliver pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, powered and liquid fertilizers.

Roller pump power options include 12 volt electric, gas engine, hydraulic and shaft hookup for PTO attachment. Roller pump shaft rotation is counterclockwise standard with clockwise rotation available on some models. Electric roller pumps are powered by 12 volt electric wire harness hookup for use with a 12 volt power supply. Electric type roller pumps are ideal for low power applications and when near-instant actuation is beneficial. Gas power roller pumps feature a 2.5 HP gas motor and offer self installation, versatile placement and high power on-demand use. Hydraulic roller pumps feature a hydraulic motor drive for open center, closed center and load-sensing systems. Standard roller pumps feature solid shaft systems designed for use with an adapter. Adapters are available and used to mount roller pumps to an electric motor, a gas engine, or for use with tractor PTO setups. PTO roller pumps are engineered for tractor hookup, 540 - 1000 RPM use and agriculture grade reliability.

Available roller pump products are manufactured by Pentair Hypro, a leading industry manufacturer of pumps for sprayers and fluid handling applications. Roller pumps come in cast iron, Ni-Resist® and Silvercast® series casting material. Pentair Hypro Silvercast® roller pumps are made with an alloy combination housing and a stainless steel shaft for greater durability and chemical resistance. Silvercast pumps provide a significantly longer service life and make an optimum choice for use with RoundUp® and other strong, corrosive spray solutions.

Pentair Hypro® roller pumps are built with Hypro’s premium super rollers for moving fluid. Super rollers provide increased wear resistance and service life. Polypropylene and PTFE (Teflon) options are available for superior chemical resistance. The number of rollers varies on make and model. Roller pumps come in 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 roller options. Pumps with more rollers can generate greater pressure and flow rates. Roller pump flow rates range from 7 GPM up to 45 GPM. Common flow rates include 7 - 12 GPM and 20 - 30 GPM. Pressure delivery ranges from 30 PSI up to 300 PSI. The max temperature range for roller pump applications is 140°F. Hypro roller pumps come standard with Viton® seals. Roller pump repair kits for replacement rollers, O-ring gaskets and seals are available.

Roller pumps should not be used to handle abrasive fluids, slurries, sewage, potable water, flammable liquids such as gasoline, diesel and kerosene. When needing to pump acids / acidic type fluids, such as RoundUp® (glyphosate) use silver series (Silvercast®) or plastic grade internal rollers of polypropylene or Teflon.