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Cores for Sprayer Nozzles

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Sprayer nozzle cores for use in disc-core agriculture spray systems and nozzles. Cores and disc-core assemblies are often used for thorough coverage in foliage, vineyards, orchards and contact pesticides. Cores for sprayer nozzles are common in boom spraying equipment and spray coverage applications involving chemicals such as fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides. Cores are used for greater control over spray pressures and droplet sizes. They are often chosen for applications requiring higher pressure, higher flow rates and smaller droplets for more complete coverage. Cores come in various material options and should be paired with an orifice disc of the same material for optimum use and performance. Core material choices include brass, stainless steel, ceramic and nylon. Cores are available in core #'s 13 up to 56. Core # directly correlates with total output capacity. GPM flow rate for nozzle cores range from 1.3 GPM up to 5.6 GPM. Acceptable working pressure ranges from 10 PSI up to 80 PSI. Flow regulators in orifice options from 006 up to 250 sizes are also available for optimal precision and control over spray rates.