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Broadcast Sprayer Nozzles

Broadcast sprayer nozzles, also known as full coverage application nozzles, are one of the most commonly used and versatile of spray nozzles. They are often fitted to boom sprayers and irrigation delivery equipment. Broadcast spray nozzles are frequent in agriculture crop performance and maintenance, pesticide and insecticide applications. The broadcast sprayer nozzle comes in various styles designed to specialize in specific applications and targeted spray coverage. Broadcast sprayer tips often provide a tapered, fan style spray pattern in different orifice and angle options intended to suit individual job needs. They provide high performance across a wide range of operating pressures and come in many material options for achieving optimum spray chemical compatibility.

Broadcast sprayer nozzle materials are available in acetal polymer, polyacetal, ceramic, brass, stainless steel and acetal combinations. Tip flow rate options range from 0.1 GPM up to 2.0 GPM. Available flow rate options depend on select brand and model. Broadcast nozzle brands include TeeJet® and Hypro®. Available TeeJet broadcast spray nozzles include Extended Range (XR), VisiFlo, Drift Guard (DG), Air Induction (AI), Air Induction Extended Range (AIXR), Full Jet, Turbo, Flood Jet, Dual Pattern, Duo, Cap models and more. Available Hypro broadcast sprayer nozzles include the GuardianAir Twin Spray model in polyacetal and ceramic construction.