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Boomless Sprayer Nozzles

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Boomless sprayer nozzles, also known as no booms, are an alternative to conventional boom sprayers. Boomless nozzles offer wide swath coverage, good distribution and the ability to angle spray streams where they are needed. Coverage from thirty (30) feet up to sixty (60) feet is common. The boomless nozzle offers quick installation, easy operation and extended reach but with some loss in precision. They are not designed to provide uniform coverage as detailed as traditional boom sprayers. Boomless nozzles are engineered to deliver larger droplet spray sizes. The large spray droplets improve both drift and penetration of spray solutions into crops and other hard to reach areas.

Boomless nozzles are used for spraying chemicals in areas and over targets that are not easily accessible by conventional boom sprayers and cannot be achieved by spot sprayers. Reasons for using boomless nozzles include structural obstacles, foliage, high-angle slopes, trenches, ditches and tight working locations that are difficult for boom sprayer use. Common applications for boomless sprayer nozzles include tree lines, fences, along structures, maintaining fields, pastures, turf, parks, golf courses, rights-of-way, vineyards, orchards, applicable crop fields and garden plots. Compatible for use with water, de-icing solutions and many fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

Boomless nozzle brands include TeeJet and Pentair Hypro®, long-trusted manufacturers of sprayer nozzles, tips and equipment. Boomless nozzles are engineered with orifice tips designed to reduce common clogging problems common in spray applications. Boomless nozzles are available built from polyacetal polymer, brass or stainless steel construction materials. Acetal no boom nozzles offer excellent chemical resistance and versatility. Brass boomless nozzles offer extended durability and wide solution compatibility. Stainless steel boomless nozzles offer lasting service life, superior weathering and resistance to wear and spray chemicals.

Boomless sprayers are available in one-piece nozzles and multi-nozzle models with individual, adjustable tips. Single orifice boomless nozzles are designed to deliver a solitary but wide, flat spray swath that provides good coverage and reach. Single boomless nozzles come in the XP BoomJet, Extra-Wide and X Tender models. Multi-nozzle boomless sprayers provide up to five (5) spray tips in several styles and adjustable configurations. Multi-nozzle boomless sprayers allow highly directive and focused orientation of spray streams that offer excellent swath coverage up to 60 feet. Multi-nozzle boomless models include Swivel Spray Off-Center, BoomJet 5430 and BoomJet 5880.